Marble Dial Watches. Maven watches in white

Leaking Dawn Watch with Genuine Marble Dial from MAVEN Watches

You are probably thinking ” haven’t you guys already done a post on MAVEN Watches?”  You are definitely correct! We did do a post on Maven watches back in December, when we reviewed the Storm Cloud from MAVEN Watches Artisan Series. But this time we are going to do a full review of a watch the Enduring Series, which comes with a genuine marble dial and we are also going to tell you why MAVEN Watches is one of Hong Kong’s best watch brand.

Maven Watches Black Marble Dial

The Enduring Series

Evolving through time, every marble stone has its own unique birthmark.

MAVEN Watches

Let’s find out a bit more about the Enduring Series.

While the Artisan Series is a bit more bold and engaging in terms of its dial, the Enduring Series is a bit more subtle. The dial is made from genuine marble and comes in different colours, black and white. The marble is not just plain, but you can see the different patterns and lines going across the marble, giving each watch a different identity and story.

If you want a quick summary of the Enduring Series watches, we will say it is quiet but bold at the same time. We know this does make much sense, but you will see why we said this as you keep reading along.

Gold hands with black marble dial. Maven Watches

White marble dial. Maven watches

marble dial watch. Maven Watches

The Specification of the Enduring Series

Similar to the Artisan Series, the Enduring Series also has the same specification with just one difference, which you probably already know what it is.

So instead of us rambling on, here is an infographic about the specification.

Just to add a bit more, the Swiss Movement is a Ronda 762 and the Stainless Steel bezel and case are either brushed finish or matte finish depending on the colour of the watch you want. The Italian Leather is genuine and made from the finest hides available.The strap is also vegetable-tanned, meaning it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Also MAVEN Watches have also introduced a smaller case size of 34mm, for those who prefer a smaller watch dial. However, because of strong demand for the 34mm, a considerable amount of the watches are already out of stock. So do hurry if you want to get one.

Our Review of Enduring Series

We have been very lucky again to be given a second watch from MAVEN Watches. We first decided to go for the Midnight City, but due to popular demand this was out of stock. So we eventually chose the Leaking Dawn, with a black strap.

We are not going to talk too much about the packing and what else was inside the box as we have done an unboxing video for you to watch. Do find the video below, and do let us know what you think about it.

Black strap. Marble dia watch. Maven Watches

Marble Dial watches. Maven watches

When we first opened the box, the watch had a quiet feel and look to it. The gold casing, white marble dial and black strap went well together and complimented each other to create a good-looking watch. The pattern on the marble dial was interesting and also quiet different to your usual watch dial. The different marking and subtle change in colour within the marble is also compelling and in a way engaging.

How did it feel?

The Leaking Dawn is just a tad heavier than the Storm Cloud due to it’s 0.8mm thick marble dial. The strap for this watch is just exceptional. It is really soft and does not have to be  broken into. In a way, you can say that the strap moulds around your wrist and you barely feel it.

The 40mm dial along with its 9mm thickness casing was not an issue and sat around the wrist pretty well. The thickness and size did not cause any trouble when moving the wrist and also did not get in the way of jackets or any long sleeve shirt.

Marble Dial Watches. Maven watches in white

Marble Dial Watches. Maven watches in white

The Design and Marble Dial

The design of the watch is very interesting. We have been wearing the watch for around a full week and we have had a couple of look from people. Even though the watch has a quiet look, it is also quite bold with its black strap and gold casing and will definitely not go unnoticed. That is what we meant, when we said “quiet but bold at the same time”. We would recommend a casual look / wear for this watch.

Is it our favourite?

This is the first time we have had a watch without any dial marking or numbers and personally we are not a big fan of it. We love the Leaking Dawn and the marble dial is special but in a way the design of the watch is in a way too minimalistic. When comparing to the Storm Cloud’s dial, there was a lot going on in the background and it was just stunning. The different size of the numbers and careful marking of the lines, it is just exceptional. But for the Leaking Dawn, even though the marble dial has its own pattern and allure, it is not as alluring as the Storm Cloud, but that it our opinion. Personally we believe a couple of subtle marking within the marble dial, for the numbers, would make the watch stand out more.

We would love to know what you think about the watches. Are you a fan of the Artisan Series or the Enduring Series. Do visit the links to see which one you like most and do let us know in the comment below!

The Unboxing

One of Hong Kong’s Best Watch Brand

There is a reason we are saying this and it is not because we have blogged about them twice nor anything to do with receiving two watches from them. We like to be honest in all our opinion and we like to help you guys make the right and best decision when it comes to buying your latest brand.

Firstly, let’s talk about the price! Nearly all of MAVEN Watches cost $168 /£129 / €143 except for two mesh strap watches. For this price you are getting a high quality watch with an unquestionable craftsmanship. Every detail from the buckle to the movement has been carefully chosen by the MAVEN team to create exceptional watches.

Secondly the movement is a Swiss Ronda 762, 4 jewels and has an expected battery life of 7-10 years. The movement isn’t just your ordinary knockoff but a high quality movement for high quality watches.

The designs of these watches, especially the Artisan Series, are unique and will not be found with any other watches. If you are looking for a watch out of the ordinary, MAVEN Watches is a must for you!

We have to talk about the straps. They are just so soft and will mould around your brand. They have to be one of the best straps we’ve had so far.

They also giving away free engraving on the back case. This is free of charge and you can add up to two lines.

Finally, their customer service is just awesome. Even though we are in different time zone, their team will answer any question or queries you have on time!

This is why we have to say, MAVEN Watches has to be one of Hong Kong’s best watch brand.

We have come at the end of our post and we hope you have enjoyed reading our review. If you would like to get one of the watches, do use ‘newlabelsonly‘ for 12% off the RRP. Also do sign up to their giveaway, where you have a change of winning $100 every month. So do visit for more info.

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