Klasse 14. Volare Kool New Labels Only

Klasse 14 Volare K-OOL Collection With Kris & Kross!

If you have been following us and reading our post for the past year, you’ve probably figured out this is not the first time we have talked about Klasse 14. We actually came across Klasse 14 back in April 2017 and we did a post on their gorgeous Sartoria Flannel Watch. If you have not read the post, we definitely encourage you to read it.

So why are we talking about them again?

The reason is because they have a new collection of watches out we really wanted to share them with you! The new collection is called Volare K-OOL and this one also has a little surprise to the collection.

Klasse 14. Volare Kool New Labels Only

A bit about the Volare K-OOL Collection

The K-OOL collection is from the popular Dark Volare collection. If you have not had a look at the collection, you need to have a look and see why people are loving it so much!

What makes the K-OOL collection different is that it gives your look a serious edge. Its all-black case is sleek and minimal, with 3D patterned geometric shapes on the wristband introduces a hip, urban feel. Trendy and effortlessly cool, yet with the distinguished sophistication that KLASSE14 is known for.

Klasse 14 Volare KOOL New Labels Only

Klasse 14 Volare Kool New Labels Only

The Collection

In the Volare K-OOL collection, there are 6 different styles and sizes of the watch. The larger casing size is 42mm and the smallest is 36mm.


With it’s unique design of the diamond on the strap, this model is only available online at Klasse 14.

Klasse 14 Volare Kool New Labels Only Diamond Cut



We have been lucky enough to be provided on the K-OOL Dimension Blue. We have done an unboxing video for you to have a look and also to see the extra gifts we received!

If you look closely at the strap, the Dimension Blue has a 3D cube pattern going on and it is pretty impressive.

KOOL-Dimension Blue 42m. New Labels Only


We really think this one will be really liked the most by everyone. Its white cut / crush pattern with the black strap underneath, looks really gorgeous and gives it an artistic look! It also remind us of white chocolate for some reason.

K-OOL- Crush White 36mm. New Labels Only


This is similar to the white crush strap above but instead it is all black. We are do not really like it as much as the white chocolate crush cut, that is what we are going to call it, but if you like an all black watch with an awesome strap, this one is for you!

K-OOL- Crush Black 36mm. New Labels Only


This is similar to the Dimension Blue but instead it is in a black colour. If you look at this strap at different angles, this is definitely going to play tricks on your mind.

KOOL-Dimension Black 42m. New Labels Only

The Technical Features

One of the main feature you’ve probably seen from the images is that the minute hand and the second hand has a little bend. Also the dial has a concave design compare to your norm, flat. With the market already saturated with different watch brands and with many coming in, being different and unique does make Klasse 14 stands out.

All the watches have a MIYOTA Japanese quartz analog movement, 50 Meters water resistance and the strap is made out of rubberised leather length with different length,17mm for the 36mm casing or 20mm for the 42mm casing. On the buckle you have Mario Noble engraved in, who is the designer behind the watches. On the back you have this beautifully engraved logo of Klasse14 and their slogan ‘Freedom is Life’. All the watches come with a 2 year warranty.

All the watches are priced at $215 / £162 / €185

Klasse 14 Casing. New Labels Only

The Surprise?

When launching the Volare K-OOL collection, Klasse 14 has also launched a new and we have to say cute accessory, Kris & Kross.

Kriss & Kross Klasse 14. New Labels Only

Kris & Kross Friends Story

Journeying through star-speckled galaxies along the Milky Way, the space travelling duo, Kris(GREY)and Kross (BROWN), were making their way across the universe, curiously exploring each new planet they encounter, in hopes of making friends and presenting them with beautiful gifts. One day, while flying through a meteor shower, their spaceship, “The Disco Volante”, suddenly got hit by a runaway asteroid, causing the pair to crash-land on the nearest planet, Earth. Despite the traumatic incident, Kris and Kross were delighted to discover how friendly and kind the people of Earth were, and decided to stay on it for the time being. To repay the kindness of the people from Earth, Kris and Kross are determined to make many more gifts for their new friends.

We are pretty sure you are loving them but which one is your favourite Klasse 14 friend? Do let us know in the comment below. For us, it has to be Kris!

Also when you get a Klasse 14 K-OOL watch, you will also get an elegant bracelet!

We have come at the end of our post and we hope you realy enjoyed reading through it. Before we leave, we have a little discount code for you to use. Do use ‘newlabelsonly’ for 12% any Klasse14 watch.

Klasse 14 Logo


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