Hanbury Watch in Gold. New Labels Only

Hanbury Watches. Designed to be Naturally Different!

We have another treat for you today! We know how much you love watches and based from our previous post on Karl Leimon Watches, we know you like the finer things in life but at an affordable price! So we introduce you Hanbury Watches, a luxurious watch, naturally made and affordable!

Hanbury Watch in Gold. New Labels Only

Who is Hanbury Watches?

As it is tradition at New Labels Only, we like to know a bit of background about the brand. Hanbury Watches was founded in 2017 by Paul Masters. The company is based in and designed in the heart of UK, Worcestershire. When we first heard of Hanbury Watches, we thought about the name quite a lot and wanted to find out why choose that particular name? We have actually found out why? The name is a homage to the local forest in Worchestershire.

Hanbury Watch in Black. New Labels Only

How is the watch naturally different?

The last time we brought you a watch which used natural material was Original Grain, the Zebra Rosewood. So how is Hanbury Watches natural?

Each of the watch dial is made from Maple wood which is sourced responsibly. Because of the different pattern and design on the Maple wood, each dial is actually unique and different to one another. So you will be wearing a watch which nobody else in the world will have!

The watch dial is also waxed with a selected blend of oil to make the dial stand out as well as perserve the natural beauty of the dial permanently.

Finally to keep its 100% natural look,  a top grain Italian leather is used. This not just make it gorgeous but also the strap is durable and strong.

Hanbury Watch in Blue. New Labels Only

Hanbury Watches Collection. New Labels Only

The Features

The features is what makes a watch a watch. We will try to keep it short and brief.

The Movement

All of Hanbury Watches use a Swiss Movement, Ronda 763. It has been well debated that the Ronda movement has one of the most precise movement in the world. But what do you think? Let us know in the comment below!

A Saphhire Crystal Glass

The sapphire glass gives the watches a clean look but also provide a strong protection against any cracks. The glass is also scratch resistance, you no need to worry there! The glass also has an anti reflection coating. This is actually very helpful and if you are a photographer, this is really, really helpful!

316L Stainless Steel Casing

All of Hanbury Watches come with a reliable and solid stainless stell case.The 316L steel is usually used for jets engines and military tanks, so it’s definitely solid! The case itself is 42mm in diameter and 8mm in thickness.

The Straps

The straps come in various colours; Black, Navy, Tan, Mocha, Black Crocodile or Mocha Crocodile. The strap is also interchangable.

Deployment Clasp

This is new to use. We have a butterfly clasp in our D1 Milano and we are not a huge fan of it. However that being said, we have not tried the deployment clasp yet and it also helps to reduce the wear and tear of the leather strap.

Full features Hanbury Watches. New Labels Only

The Full Collection

Because of their extensive watch collection, we will not be able to list all of them, but we can show you visually of their beautiful, gorgeous and fetching watches.

The collection. Hanbury Watches. New Labels Only

Personally we like the Rose/ Black. Why? Just look how gorgeous it is!

You said affordable?

If you very, very quick and check out Hanbury Watches Kickstarter Campaign, you can get one of the watches for £99/ $130 / €111. After the kickstarter campaign, the price will go back to its RRP.

Hanbury Watches. New Labels Only

We have come at the end of our post and we hope you have enjoyed it. We hope we will be able to bring you an unboxing video soon of one of the Hanbury Watch, if we can get our hands on one. If you’ve missed our last unboxing video of the D1 Milano, do watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHuU5-m1mus

If you would like to know more about Hanbury Watches and get your own, do press the green button!

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