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Common Texture. Traditional Handmade Crafts

We have not introduce a slow fashion company for a long time on New Labels Only. The last time we had a slow fashion company was Laadi Designs. This time we bring you Common TextureCommon Texture Handwooven bag. New Labels Only

Who is Common Texture?

Common Texture is an online slow fashion boutique who work with artisans across Malaysia and India. They produce unique handcrafted accessories from handwoven bags to leather travel wallets. But the idea of Common Texture did not just happen. It is was actually formed between three women, Gail from Australia, Hop from Switzerland and Svintha from The Netherlands.

After travelling and living in India for years, the three women found a common love for textiles techniques used by artisans. Inspired and wanting to produce their own contemporary aesthetic pieces of different fashion accessories, they set off to create Common Texture, while still maintaining the traditional techniques used by the aritisans.

Common Texture Linen Robe. New Labels Only

The Artisans

Finding the right artisans in modern India is not easy. The skills which the artisans have acquired from the previous generation and perfected are not been passed down to the next. With the newer generations looking for less labour-intensive jobs, these skills are being lost. However Common Texture was not ready to use modern machinery. So they started to work with smaller businesses in India who supports artisans craft and who try to attract the younger generation.

By providing training and paying fair wages, this not just only keep the skills alive to the next generation but also helps provide employment the local communities. This is a vital ethos at Common Texture. This not only builds a rapport for future business, but helps to sustain the small communities where our artisans live. In doing this, they hope future generations will be inspired to preserve and take these traditional skills to the next level.

Common Texture. Bangels. New Labels Only

The Crafts

Because of their quite extensive amount of crafts Common Texture has, we are not going to be able to list all of them. So we have chosen the ones we think you will like the most.

The Banana Fiber Bags

Of the these bags are made from sturdy banana fiber, perfect for everyday use.

Banana Fiber Clutch. Common Texture. New Labels Only

Banana Fiber Carryall. Common Texture. New Labels Only
Banana Fiber Cross Body Clutch. Common Textures. New Labels Only

Yoga Mat Bag

Using re-purposed 100% cotton fabric, the yoga mat bags make for a sturdy, comfortable and sophisticated travel companion. They feature a pull-cord closure on top and two deep side pockets with Velcro closure for wallet, phone and keys.

Yoga Mat Bag. Common Texture. New Labels Only

Linen Place Mat

The placemat features a unique hand block print design in one corner and a reversible contrast, giving your table a fresh modern look.
Specially designed with a smaller plain colored napkin, not only great for children but light on your laundry basket too.

Linen Placemats. Common Texture. New Labels Only

The Collection

Common Texture Collection. New Labels Only

We really hope you like Common Texture and do visit https://commontexture.com to learn more about the brand and to see their full collection.

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