FLYTE. New Labels Only. Levitating Lightbulb

FLYTE. The Light Bulb That Levitates!

You are not reading the title wrong, I am really talking about a lightbulb that levitates! I was doing my weekly research on finding the latest label to share and I stumbled upon FLYTE.

When I came across their website, I was though that there was some sort of invisible stick helping the light bulb to levitate but when I read a bit more, it is way more complex than an invisible stick!

Flye. New Labels Only. Levitating Lightbulb

First let me talk about FLYTE

So, FLYTE is a Swedish company based in Stockholm and they are a team of creatives, engineers, designers and artists with the aim of creating intelligent and inspiring products which makes you go WOW!

They certainly got the WOW part right!

They launched the levitating lightbulb concept on Kickstarter and they literally smashed it! They had over 2000 backers and the funding pledge was 8 times more than their actual goal.

They have been well received and also published on major press and now they are on New Labels Only, the blog which matters most!

FLYTE. New Labels Only. Levitating Lightbulb

FLYTE. New Labels Only. Levitating Lightbulb

How does it work?

FLYTE uses wireless power transfer transmission similar to wirelessly charging your phone. This technology and innovation has been around since Nikola Tesla and with the use of magnetic levitation, this allows the light bulb to levitate.

The base of the light bulb is made out of sustainably sourced oak, ash and walnut. You have a choice which material when ordering. The LED light can last up to 50,000 hours, that around 12 hours of light for nearly 11 years!

That’s great value for money!

I’m not done yet. You can also charge your phone wirelessly from FLYTE base too!

FLYTE. New Labels Only. Phone Charge

More Levitating!

Because of the success of the FLYTE lightbulb, they have used this technology for other accessories too!

They have created two more product range called LYFE and Story. Using the same technology, they have created a levitating plant pot and also a levitating timepiece that travels through the air.

LYFE allows the plant to rotate on its axis and this allows the plant to get 360 degrees of sunlight.

Studies have shown that magnetic fields accelerate the ripening of certain fruits, enhancing your plant’s metabolism.

The plants do not require soil as air plants thrive upon the circulation of airborne particles; with no soil required, our gravity-defying and rotating microclimate naturally nurtures.

FLYTE LYFE. New Labels Only. Levitating Plants

FLYTE LYFE. New Labels Only. Rotating Pot

Mixed Plants. New Labels Only. FLYTE LYFE

STORY is a metaphor of our planet revolving around the sun, reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pockets, but a physical & shared experience.


Similar to the lightbulb technology, STORY orbits around a wooden base, counting the hours, minutes or even years. It is more than just a clock; it’s a unique way to visualize time.

The timepiece has a chrome sphere which is guided by the magnectic force. It can levitate horizontally, vertically and can be tilted at a 60 degree angle.

It also has an LED matrix display which illuminates the time.

For more features, you can  connect STORY to the cloud for using FLYTE mobile app and illuminate realtime meteorological data thorough STORY’s backlit display.

• Display Moon Phases
• Illuminate Sunrise / Sunset
• Display Temperature through color
• Additional custom features


FLYTE. Story. New Labels Only

FLYTE. STORY. New Labels Only

I think I’m out of words. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you would love more information about FLYTE or the other products, do visit

Do let me know in the comment below if you would love to have any of FLYTE products? Personally I’d go for LYFE, the minimalistic appeal to the plant-pot looks very desirable.

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FLYTE. New Labels Only