Co. Men. New Labels Only. Minimalistic Wallet

Co. Men. Elegant and Timeless Everyday Men Accessories!

With everything in the world becoming slimmer and thinner why should not our wallet becomes slimmer too? I am not talking about becoming slimmer in terms of less money, I’m talking about slimmer in terms of width!

Lately I have been searching for slimmer and thinner wallets as everyone I know has one but most of the wallets I’ve looked at were either poor in quality or had less storage space. I want a slimmer wallet but I am not willing to compromise with the lack of storage or get one which will wear out within a year.

I did my research and came across Co.Men on Kickstarter. Their slim wallet really caught my eye and I was hooked. Their campaign launched just last week and 3 of their rewards are already sold out! I had to get one!

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Minimalistic Wallet

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Wallet, Coffee and Work

So who is Co. Men?

Co. Men is a new company from Melbourne, Australia and was founded by Socheata Sun and Wk Phan. With their strong passion and interest in photography, design and business, they established and founded Co. Men.

The founders wanted to create an elegant and timeless men accessories while still maintaining their functionality without any compromise.

They started their minimalistic range of men accessories with an elegant, simple and compact card wallet, which I absolutely love and also leather key chain.

Socheata Sun and Wk Phan hope to expand Co. Men accessories in the future and I cannot wait to see what they have in place for the future.

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Slim Wallet

Lets talk Wallet!

The wallet I have now is the old fashion, big and full of storage. I love my wallet but I do not really need it anymore. I mostly use cards for payment and do not really use the extra storage, but only use one pouch for spare coins.

I usually wear skinny jeans and fitting my wallet in is a big task and even though if it fits in, it is quite hard to walk with or bending over, so I needed a slimmer one!

Why Co. Men?

I could easily find a slimmer wallet online, but I needed one which is slim but also has enough storage for my spare coins, so I went with Co. Men plus they have a lot of great saving on their Kickstarter Campaign.

The features

The wallet has a lot of features and I can go on talking about them for age, but I can show you with this picture, I am not being lazy it’s just it has a lot of features!

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Wallet Features

The RFID protection (Radio-frequency identification)  is a safety feature so people cannot steal your card details wirelessly. All cards have a RFID chip without allows you to pay through tapping your card but your detail can be easily stolen by people. This feature interrupts and block your card detail from being passed on, keeping you safe.

The wallet itself can hold up to 10 cards, 10 notes and 5 coins. It is 79mm by 110mm and has a width of 3mm, which is pretty slim.

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Wallet and Coffee

Co. Men also have a Premium Gunmetal split ring with Saffiano leather to go with your elegant wallet. I would definitely encourage you to get both as you would save 22% on the price.

Do not worry, the prices which Co. Men are charging will not leave a hole in your pocket or make your wallet actually slimmer. If you get both the wallet and the key chain, it only cost AU$50 which is around $38/ £29 or €33, which is pretty cheap given the premium quality of the products.

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Wallets and Keychain

Co. Men. New Labels Only. Coffee, Wallet, and Work

I already have mine and you can now get yours too! They have been successfully funded on Kickstarter and taking pre orders! Do use NLO10 for a little discount on us at

I would like to thank Co. Men and especially Socheata Sun and Wk Phan for allowing me to use their images on this post and blog about Co. Men.

I would love to know if you slim wallet is they way forward and if you think there should be one for women? Do let me know in the comment below.

Thank you for stopping by!

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