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Mapiful. Meaningful and Unique Prints!

Talking and blogging about the newest fashion labels and brands sometimes get quite boring. I like to freshen things up at New Labels Only and sometime you might see a post far away from fashion.

I love art but there are very little new brands and labels which I can share with you. The other time I did a blog post on art was on Brian Giniewski Ceramics, which was very success on Kickstarter and has moved into a bigger studio where he is doing very well.

This time I bring you Mapiful. From the name, you may have guessed what the post in going to be about, shoes, I’m joking maps!

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Stockholm Sweden

Mapiful. New Labels Only Goteborg

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Madrid

Who is Mapiful?

From the pictures, I am pretty sure you are in love with Mapiful. So let me give you a brief background story on Mapiful.

Mapiful is a Swedish company, founded by four friends, which creates astonishing and gorgeous geographical maps from all around the world.  Whether you want to print a map of a city or the whole country itself, you can do it with Mapiful.

The four friends behind Mapiful were having a brew and then they had a light bulb moment. They were talking about about the possibilities of combining technology, design and maps together then Mapiful came up.

The provide the technology of their website and you can decide what you want printed. I have been playing around on Mapiful website and the technology they have on designing the maps is pretty awesome. You can zoom in on the city or even a specific place you want to print. I tried to find the street where I live in London and it was pretty easy to find it.

On the map you are given three headers where you can add you own personalised text. In one of the heading you are given a coordinates of the location which you have chosen which I find very interesting, however it is also customisable. Personally I’d keep it!

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Gothenburg

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Las Vegas

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Hudiksvall

The prices of the maps starts at $60 which is around £56/€53. The frames are not included in the price however you do get free delivery to over 194 countries. The minimum size of the prints are in 18″ x 24″ and the largest possible print is 70cm x 100cm.

Mapiful. New Labels Only. Bangkok


I will definitely encourage you to visit Mapiful and see what you can create on their unique platform. These maps will definitely make an incredible gift to someone, if not get one for yourself  to remember the place of where your were proposed to, where you got married or that special place that is unique to you.

Do visit Mapiful by here:

Watch the Unboxing of Mapiful here:

I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and  I would love to know what will be on your map and why? Mine will be the map of London because this is where my roller coaster life began and I love it!

I would like to thank Mapiful for allowing me to use their images and credit to the respective owners. Thank you!

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