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No Monday. Simple Yet Harmonious Watch!

You are probably reading the title and thinking, what has No Monday do with New Labels Only? Well, the brand of the watch is called No Monday! Talk about a name that stands out from the crowd!

So today is Monday, and I had to wait for a couple of days to release this post today. I wanted to see if my No Monday watch did make my Monday, a No Monday!

No Monday! Simple. New Labels Only

Where is No Monday from?

This is my second watch from Hong Kong, the previous one was Klasse 14. When I saw the name of the brand, I did find it a bit strange but why No Monday?

The creators of the No Monday watch wanted to create a watch to remind people that when the weekend excitement ends, it does not mean it is the end of our excitement.

Yes we have to go to work but sometime we fall into an endless routine throughout the weekdays and we leave no time to enjoy ourselves. We should not wait until the weekend to kick back and relax and to enjoy our life. We should be doing this everyday!

That is why No Monday!

The 460 Silver Brush, Silver Dial, Black Strap

The name of the watch is definitely a mouth full!

For this post, I did not get a chance to choose the watch and I only found out when it arrived. So what do I think of it?

No Moday. New Labels Only

No Monday. New Labels Only

My Monday with No Monday

The packaging is definitely different. It is not your standard square box but it is a long rectangular slim Pine Green colour. It is also wrapped around a little piece of string to make look that extra special.

So I opened the box and I took my time too, just to appreciate that little piece of string. But did the watch jump at me? To be very honest, no! This is not to say that the watch is not good-looking, it is just the simplicity and design of the watch is not intended to jump at you!

When creating the No Monday timepieces, the design philosophy is to create a “simple” and “harmonious” timepiece, and with a small dose of seriousness.

No Monday. New Labels Only

No Monday. New Labels Only

Do I love the watch?

I have to say that when I first saw the watch, I did find it quite hard to appreciate its unique design. The crown is on top of the 12 hour marker and it was a bit tricky to adjust the time.

However it slowly grew on me and by the end of the day I was really loving it and was trying to show it off to people. Its simple genuine leather strap along with its quiet Japanese quartz movement did actually made my Monday that little better and special!

For some reason every time I look at the watch, it gives me a calm and relax feeling.  The watch itself is designed with a great admiration for harmony in geometry, colours and simplicity in contrast and sophistication. Maybe that’s why the relax feeling!

No Monday. New Labels only


No Monday. New Labels Only

The No Monday watch is definitely serene watch and is definitely made for those who seek for a slight but affordable difference in their time piece.

If you are into big and bold statement watches, the 460 No Monday watch is definitely not for you but do visit No Monday 12 Windows collection, if you are seeking a simple yet bold watch.

No Monday. New Labels Only

No Monday. New Labels Only

Overall, the 460 No Monday watch has definitely surprised me. I started my Monday with a doubt in my mind about the watch but by 7:27PM exactly, I knew this watch was something special to have.

Would I recommend the 460 No Monday watch? Yes, but do not be surprised if the watch slowly creeps its way to your heart.

Do visit to see different colours of the 460 No Monday Watch collection and also do browse around for more simple yet harmonious watches.

Watch the unboxing video of No Monday 460 here:

I would love to know your views and opinion on the 460 No Monday and if you would to have this watch? Do let me know in the comment below!

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