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The Slate Soul Collection. Sustainably Made Stone Sunglasses!

You are not reading the title wrong and yes I did say stone! I was contacted by Wils Fabrik, a German company who is producing The Slate Soul Sunglasses collection, and I was introduced to the idea of stone sunglasses. At first I thought, it is impossible because stone is hard to modify remodel but somehow Wils Fabrik is doing it and it is also doing it sustainably.

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

Pretty good looking too!

Wils Fabrik, who?

As per tradition at New Labels Only, I always give a brief background of the company behind the product.

Founded by Wilson, hence the Wils in Wils Fabrik, he loves products made by natural materials. So in 2014, he started to make fashionable and sustainable watches. However while Wilson was achieving his dreams, he still felt he could do more. Being inspired by Toms Shoes, he decided to share his success with those less fortunate.  Instead of planting excess trees in the forest, he contributes in another way. He believes that education is the only way to change one’s life.

Wil Fabrik created a donation campaign called #BuildALife .Till 2016 Dec, Wil Fabrik have donated over 9000 books, stationeries to Africa, Cambodia and Korea. In 2015 June, the Wil Fabrik team helped building school walls in Cambodia.

Lets talk about the stones!

I am pretty sure you guys are eagerly wanting to know more about the stone make sunglasses.

But first, let me introduce you the 3 styles and design available on the Soul Slate Sunglass Collection.

The Stonehenge

The rectangular shape and classical alignment of Stonehenge qualify it as the most understated but unique model of the collection.

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

The Horyuji

Its name comes from the oldest wooden architect in the world, a Buddhist temple located in Japan. The circular frame design is inspired by “Ensō” in Buddhism. “Ensō” is a hand drawn circle that symbolises enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). Horyuji is therefore made with warmer colours of Slate and Oak wood to bring a peaceful feeling.

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

The Angkor

It shares partially the name of the mysterious stone heritage built over 1000 years ago in Cambodia. The semi rimless presentation shows its wild and extravagant characteristics.

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

How they are made

Finally, lets talk about how they make sunglasses.

They use a technology called Foliation. This is widely used in the Coal mining industry where the rocks are cut into layers. Each layer can be as thing as a sheet of paper or over one meter in thickness.

The slate layer is then combined with two high quality wood veneers under high pressure to form the frame.

The CNC machine ensures handcrafted precision detail, they then use 3 different grades of sandpaper and coat each pair with vegetable oil making them more elastic. This structure makes the sunglasses more durable, more elastic, and not as easily broken as using a whole piece of wood.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only


If you’ve my previous post on sunglasses before, Tens Sunglasses, I am not really a big fan of sunglasses but I have to say that I have taken a liking to the Angkor. Its simplistic design and style has a special allure to it.

Why should I get one?

First, I do not need to say, they look absolutely gorgeous.

Secondly, the sunglasses are around 30% lighter compared to your standard sunglasses. Each sunglass weighs around 32g, which is pretty light to me.

All the materials used in producing the Slate Soul Collection come from FSC verified forest which 100% environmentally friendly.

Finally the sunglasses are waterproof and also have Polorised Zeiss lens which provides 100% UV protection giving exceptional vision.

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

Wils Fabrik. New Labels Only

I would definitely encourage you to get yours because these are going like hot cakes on their kickstarter campaign.

The early birds are 50% off the RRP and cost around £95 (Approx $119 USD) for any pair of Slate Soul sunglasses and they come with 1 year free warranty too!

If you want to check out the campaign, do visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/242671304/disrupting-the-luxury-eyewear-industry-with-stone

Thank you for stopping by guys! Before I leave, I would love to know which style do you like the most? Do let me know in the comment below!

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