KANE Watches. Interchangeable Strap

KANE Watches. The Perfect Everyday Gentleman’s Watch!

With New Labels Only, I have been very privilege when it comes to watches. I have had the opportunity to wear watches from different part of the world and see different styles of watches.

This time around, I’m off to the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise, with KANE Watches. The perfect everyday gentleman’s watch.

Kane Watches. Blue Artic Classic with suit and tie

A little bit about KANE Watches…

The name KANE is derived from the Japanese word “kaizen” meaning improvement.

The thinking behind KANE Watches design is based on the minimalistic movement in Tokyo and also the Dutch design heritage, both combining to create a collection of timeless yet contemporary watches that can be easily adapted to any style. To appreciate the design of KANE Watches, all of the watch face has the AMS TYO printed underneath the KANE logo.

The edge crown the watches is located at the 4PM, making its design unique compared to any other watches in the market today!

“Empower young men to make their vision, their reality. That is what drives us at KANE”

KANE Watches

There are already too many watch brands…

This is a true statement. I tried to do some research on how many watch brands there are in the world, but I lost count because there are so many.

But KANE Watches’ mission and style is different to all the watches. KANE Watches wanted to create a versatile timepiece that can be adapted to any style and to any occasions with a simple switch of the interchangeable straps.

You can do from a casual lunch out with friends to a high-end meeting with a simple switch of the interchangeable straps available at KANE Watches.

KANE Watches. The Perfect Gentleman's Watch

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The Blue Arctic Vintage

I had the privilege at New Labels Only to be given the chance to choose one watch KANE Watch tremendous range and I chose the Blue Arctic Vintage.

The reason I chose the Blue Arctic Vintage is because of the striking blue background. It is something really dazzling when you see it up close and in real life. I chose the Vintage brown oil tanned Italian leather strap along with another strap, the Urban Grey with the Silver buckle.

KANE Watches. Interchangeable Strap

The watch came in well packaged and also with a 2 year warranty card. It did not come in with your ordinary square box but in a rectangular shaped box which was quite pleasant to see something different.

So what do I think about the watch?

The Blue Arctic is different a great watch. It is lightweight and fits very well around the wrist. It does not restrict any movement of the wrist, which is great. However I do like my watches to be a bit heavy however that is my personal preference.

Changing the strap is very easy too. You have a little lock with can be opened and closed easily.

The watch was designed to be adapted to different styles and occasions and personally I think it does what it says. Most of the images you have seen have been are more towards a suited and booted style. But what about a more casual look?

For the casual look, I changed the straps to the Urban Grey with the Silver buckle.

So, what do you think?

KANE Watches. Casual Style

KANE Watches. Urban Silver

KANE Watches with Ralph Lauren

On a personal note, I like the Vintage brown strap more than the Urban grey as it gives the watch a more sophisticated and classy look.

Do visit https://www.kanewatches.com/https://www.kanewatches.com/ to see more of KANE Watches collection.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on KANE Watches and I would love to know which strap style is your favourite? Do let me know in the comment below.

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