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LVK Jewelry. Giving Back One Pearl at a Time!

Here at New Labels Only, you know how much I really appreciate and highly praise company who gives back in any shape or form. In the last post, I talked about Shaska. Co and how they are empowering women in Kathamandu Nepal.

Now I introduce you LVK Jewelry. They are a jewellery company based in New York, USA  who specialise in creating some of the world’s best and unique bracelets. But what stands out the most from LVK Jewelry is their commitment in giving back to society.

For every bracelet they sell, they donate $5 to a chosen charity by the customer which means the most to them!

You told me they produce some of the world’s best…

I do not want to tell you, because I want to show you!

LVK Jewelry. New Labels Only

LVK Jewelry Vega

LVK Jewellery

One Pearl, Many Cause

In all of LVK Jewelry’s bracelet there is a pearl bead. The pearl is known as “Luv” and it symbolises the freedom to choose,  the freedom to give and the freedom to luv.

One a fashion point of view, the pearl does make the bracelets unique. The pearl is a bit smaller compare to the other bead and it does draw your eyes towards it. If you look at the picture below, you can see how the “Luv” pearl drag you eyes towards it!


I was very lucky to be offered two of LVK Jewelry gorgeous bracelets. I chose the Foxy from the women’s range and a Warrior from the men’s range.

Lets get Foxy!

The picture you can see above is the Foxy. The beads are made out of Hematite, that is why it is so shiny, 3 white crystal rondelles and the “Luv” pearl!

LVK Jewelry. New Labels Only

The Foxy bracelet is very elegant and also very attractive. The white crystal rondelles and the shiny feature of the bracelet combine to create an exquisite bracelet. The size of the bracelet fits very well and does not hang too much on the wrist.

Personally I would wear the Foxy bracelet on a black dress. The shiny beads and the white crystal rondelles will definitely attract some eyes.

LVK Jewelry. New Labels Only

The Warrior

I have to say that I love the Warrior bracelet. Its bold colour and large black beads gives you a sense of strength and a feeling of calmness, which I love.

LVK Jewelry. New Labels Only

“A true warrior never fights a battle uncertain.”

LVK Jewelry

The Warrior is made from a 10mm black onyx, a 10mm white crystal pave and a “Luv” pearl.

I absolutely love the colour of the beads and the white crystal pave does make the Warrior stand out . The only problem, if you can call it that, it that the bracelet is just a little large for my wrist. I do have small wrist and the bracelet does hang a bit. It would be really awesome if there were different sizes to choose from.

LVK Jewelry. New Labels Only

You can also custom-made your own jewellery from LVK Jewelry website. You can choose the style, the beads, the patterns and also the charm you want to add-on. One example is this beautiful designed bridemaids bracelet.

LVK Jewelry Custom Made

The charities

There are 6 charities which the customer can choose from when donating the $5. They are:

  • Animal Friends
  • Bottomless closet: Provides professional clothing, job readiness, and post-employment training and coaching services to women on assistance and working-poor women.
  • Bright Pink: The only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.
  • Connecting teachers in high-need communities with donors who want to help.
  • Environmental Defense Centre: Protects and enhances the environment of California’s south central coast through education, advocacy, and legal action.
  • Midwest Food Bank: A faith based organization it is the mission of Midwest Food Bank to alleviate hunger and poverty by gathering and distributing food donations to not-for-profits and disaster sites without cost to the recipients.

As you can see there is a diverse range of charities where the customer can donate the $5 from their purchase.

I would love for you to check out LVK Jewelry and see their amazing bracelet collection. Do visit their site here:

Before I leave, I would love to know which bracelet you do like the most? The Foxy or The Warrior? Do let me know in the comment below.

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