Sashka Co. Handmade Bracelet from Kathmandu Valley of Nepal!

Not so long ago I did a post on Jimani Collection  on how they were empowering women in Kenya by providing employment, learning and entrepreneurial opportunities to local women.Staying with on the topic of empowering women, Sashka Co who produces gorgeous handcrafted glass beaded bracelets are also empowering women in Nepal.

Where did I find Sashka? This was not a Kickstarter find but I stumbled on them on instagram. This shiny white bracelet caught my eye and I straight away went to their feed. Their whole feed was shinning with different styles of beads and colours. Reading their bio and knowing that they are empowering women in Nepal, I knew I had to share this on New Labels Only!

Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

About the Sashka bracelets…

Each bracelet is handmade by artisans in the rural Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.  The bracelets are made out the of the world’s finest glass and sterling beads.

The bracelet itself is quite flexible, one size fit all and has a roll on design, so it is very easy to put on.

I was lucky to be given the chance to choose six different style from Sashka and all the pictures you are going to see are the bracelets which I have personally chosen. I chose two golden bracelets with different styles, a light pink, a light blue, a silver and a black bracelet.

The bracelets are not expensive and are priced at $13 which is around £11 or so, very much affordable.

When they arrived, they were very well packaged with each bracelet in their own little white pouches and a little card to remind you where and who made the bracelets.

The first time I wore it, they were very soft on my wrist and felt very comfortable to wear.

Golden time with Sashka Bracelet. Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

Sashka Bracelet in silver. Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

So how are the empowering women in Nepal?

Sashka Co has partnered with various organisations in Nepal who help to train and also employ artisans in the rural community of Kathmandu. Their fair trade partners do not just employ women but focus on gender equality.

The organisations help provide the necessary skills to the artisans in order to carefully and expertly handcraft each bracelets. With skill, passion and love from the artisans, the result of the their work can be clearly seen. The detail on each bracelet is immaculate and simply outstanding!

All In terms of the Sashka’s profit, it is said that over 70% of their profits are invested back into Nepal to help continue and maintain the support of the people in rural Kathmandu.

This is what I call ‘Empowering women in style!’

The look!

Which is my favourite Sashka bracelet? The styles are more or less the same however I love the golden one. It is just gorgeous and really goes well with bright coloured clothes.

Bouquet with Sashka Bracelet. Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

Roses and Sashka Bracelet. Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

Burst of colours with Sashka Bracelet. Sashka Bracelets. New Labels Only

Style Tips!

This is a new feature I am adding to the blog to help provide you a little bit of styling tips. Personally I would wear the Sashka bracelets on casual occassions. If you were to put the Sashka bracelets with formal dressing I would accompany it with another bracelet as seen in the previous picture with the silver bracelet.

Well this is the end of the post and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it. I have a little present for you guys too! Do use NLO25 for 25% off with free shipping!

Visit Sashka Co by clicking on the link

I would like to thank Sashka for everything!

Before leaving, I would love to know which colour do you like the most? Do let me know in the comment below!

Sashka Logo

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