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You know how much I love watches at New Labels Only. You ca say that I am a watch collector and today my watch collection just got even bigger with Sven.

Sven? It is the name of my watch from DUKUDU. I don’t name my watches, it was the name given by DUKUDU. If I were to name it, I would call it ‘Bold’!

Sven. New Labels Only

So, who is DUKUDU?

As it is tradition at New Labels Only to talk about the company behind the product, DUKUDU is an emerging brand from the Netherlands. I love the reason why they came up with DUKUDU and the answer is ‘It just came up’. You got to love the honesty from the people at DUKUDU, plus it is quite fun to say the name, DUKUDU.

DUKUDU Watches. New Labels Only

Why form another watch brand?

Each watch has their own individual feature and also appeal to it and for DUKUDU, the creators wanted to create a watch which sits incredibly flat of your wrist. They wanted a watch which has a bold and strong-looking watch combined with a fine/thin case which looks tough and sophisticated at the same time and this is why DUKUDU was formed.

DUKUDU Watches. New Labels Only

How is Sven?

Sven has done well so far. It has a hard matt black colour dial accompanied with a grey thin metal strap and a warm rose gold casing. The dial itself is quite large compare to the other watches which I have reviewed. The dial is 45mm which is quite large but sits very well of my wrist.

Wearing Sven. New Labels Only

This is the first ever watch with I have worn with a metal strap. I have never liked metal straps for some reason but the strap of Sven is different to your usual one. It is light and also very thin compare to other metal straps.

Rocking with Sven! New Labels Only

Style tips!

The Sven can be worn for all occasion, no doubt about that. However from a personal point of view, I would wear the Sven on casual occasions. This is because it gives you a relaxed look to your style rather than a business one. I am not saying it cannot be worn with a nice three-piece suit, it can, but I like to wear a leather strap with my suit.

Is this my favourite watch?

This is definitely a hard question to answer. I love all my watches as they are all different styles. I have to say that the Sven has to be one of my top watches. The watch literally sits flat on your wrists, which is something new to me. I love the colour contrast with the Rose Gold and the Grey background dial and strap which makes it stand out.

On a personal note, I did find it difficult to put on the strap at the beginning because of my lack of experience with metal straps but I got used to it after a couple of days.

I definitely had fun taking images with Sven at the reflection on the glass casing is very minimal and I know the pain when taking pictures and seeing your hand in the reflection.

Packing with Sven. New Labels Only

I have to tell you about the packaging of Sven. This is something new and never seen this before. The watch did not come with your traditional box but in a gorgeous brown pouch. Talk about being unique here.

If you would like to know a bit more about Sven, do visit the link below: dukudu/products/sven?variant=20196398983

Plus they do have different watch styles and styles for ladies too. Do check DUKUDU out and use #DUKUDISCOUNT  for 10% off!

I hope you guys have enjoyed meeting Sven and I would like to know which outfit would Sven go with the most? Do let me know in the comment below.

I would like to thank DUKDU for sending me Sven and also for allowing me to showcase Sven to you guys!


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