Wrap Ring. New Labels only

Wrap Ring. It all started with an accident!

You know that I like the latest labels and brands at New Labels Only and this definitely fits that category.

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a company called Wrap Ring. Honestly speaking, when a company approach me, the first thing I check is their instagram and when I checked Wrap Ring’s instagram, I was hooked.

All of their images were perfect, there is no other word to describe it and I was really loving the Wrap Rings.

Wrap Ring? What is a Wrap Ring?

First let me show you some pictures as it will make it easier to explain.

Wrap Ring. New Labels Only

Wrap Ring. New Labels only

These are Wrap Ring. So it is a chain with two similar or different gemstones on it that is wrapped around your finger to create a Wrap Ring.

The Wrap Ring is very flexible and has a little buckle to make sure that it fits your finger and it is not loose.

The Wrap Ring Family

As always, I like to talk a bit about the company. It was founded in April 2017 and the company is based in the USA.

The idea of Wrap Ring came from a lost diamond earring and this sparked the idea for Wrap Ring. The stone for from the lost earring was put together with a chain and voila!

Wrap Ring. New Labels Only

The gemstones you see on the Wrap Ring come in different six colours and also six shapes. There are currently 50 different variations to choose from.

One feature I like about Wrap Ring is that they gave their rings different famous leading ladies name. For example a circle gemstone Wrap Ring is called Catherine and I have to say that the Catherine collection in Blue & White has to be my favourite. It just has that sparkle and allure to it.

All the gemstones are made from Swarovski Zirconia and the chain are 925 Sterling Silver. Just a quick reminder, all the Wrap Rings come with two, yes two gemstones.

Now you might be thinking, with such high quality material, these Wrap Ring must cost a fortune? This is where you are wrong. The Wrap Ring Family wanted to create an elegant and luxurious item which is affordable to everyone!

All of the Wrap Ring styles are prices at $38 which is around £30. This is very much affordable given that they are using Swarovski Zirconia and a 925 Sterling Silver chain.

Wrap Ring. New Labels Only

Wrap Ring. New Labels Only

Wrap Ring. New Labels Only

With Mother’s day coming up in the USA, this will definitely make an awesome present. It is classy, elegant, memorable and also luxurious. This will definitely make this Mother’s day a day to remember and also make any of your sibling’s gift look inferior!

So that was Wrap Ring and I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post as I have writing it. Do visit Wrap Ring to see more of their gorgeous Wrap Rings.

Wrap Ring. Mother's Day. New Labels Only

Click here to visit: https://www.wrapring.com/

My favourite Wrap Ring is the Catherine Blue & White but what is yours. Do let me know in the comment below!

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