Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collections. Providing a Sustainable Solution to Poverty with it’s Unique Handcrafted Accessories!

I know the title of this post is a bit long but it was supposed to be longer, to tell you of the amazing work which Jimani Collections is doing.

I don’t if many of you know Jimani Collections and I certainly did not until I came across them on Instagram. I was on the discovery mode on Instagram and this gorgeous picture of 3 golden bangles came up. After reading its caption, I really wanted for you guys to know more about Jimani Collections and why I fell in love with them!

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

I am in love with Jimani Collections…

I don’t know if you have read my post on Juta Shoes, on empowering local women in London, well Jimani Collections is empowering women and providing a sustainable solution to poverty to women in some of the poorest part of the world by producing various gorgeous and captivating handmade pieces of jewelleries and home accessories.

Try to tell these heavenly pieces of jewellery is not captivating?

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Where it all started

Jimani Collections on started with a small group of impoverished Kenyan women taking a short class based on learning basic jewelry skills. With the help from dedicated people in the US and also in Kenya, Jimani Collections has grown from a one-week class into an ongoing training and design entity.

They help women who experienced a harsh reality with employment and education within product design and also creation. As you can see in the pictures above, these women are surely very talented!

By providing employment, Jimani Collections n is helping women with a sustainable income and also a safe working environment. I was reading through the Jimani Collection website and came across this testimony by one of the women who work with them.

Her name is EUNICE  and she is  Jimani Collections’ Kenyan Manager.

“From the day I was employed by Jimani Collections, my life has really changed. Before, my family was starving; sometimes we would go without food because my husband and I didn’t have a job. Because of Jimani Collections, we no longer lack food, my children have nice clothes to wear, I am able to pay the house rent, and, whenever my mother is in need, I am able to send to her money. There is a huge difference between the Eunice of today and that of when I started.”


This is why I love Jimani Collections. It is as simple as that!

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

So how is it made?

Every piece made by Jimani Collections is handcrafted by women in Kenya and there are different stages until the women can work with Jimani Collections.

Firstly, Jimani Collections partners with the J127 Foundation, a non-profit that funds training programs for disadvantaged women. They help train the women over 6 months in learning design by a local Kenyan expert. After graduation, those who choose to join Jimani Collections, go through additional design-specific training to apply general skills in production creation.

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Starting your own business

Jimani Collections also has an Entrepreneurship Program. They help to equip women with the knowledge of running their own business and also provide educational and mentoring opportunities to help them along the way.

By helping to break the poverty cycle with the Entrepreneurship Program, this will surely help to provide a sustainable solution to poverty in Kenya.

Tells me if you have not fallen in love with Jimani Collections yet?

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

Jimani Collection. New Labels Only

I would urge to visit Jimani Collections website to see more of the gorgeous jewelleries and see how their work has positively impacted women in Kenya. Hopefully, Jimani Collections’ mission will be worldwide soon!

Visit the website here: https://jimanicollections.com/

I would like to thank Jimani Collections for everything and the images do belong to the respective owner.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would like to know if you would support like Jimani Collections? Do let me know in the comment below!

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