Calibabas. New Labels Only. Calibabas. Earth's Comfiest Pants

Calibabas. Minimalistic, Versatile and Earth’s Comfiest Pants!

You are probably thinking that ” I’m already wearing Earth’s comfiest pants”, but I promise, you have not experience such great comfort until you have tried on Calibabas pants.

This breathable, versatile and minimalistic pants will make you question your life decision on pants, trust me, they are that comfortable!

Calibabas. New Labels Only. Calibabas. Earth's Comfiest Pants

Calibabas? Who are they?

As you know by now, I always like to give a brief background on the company. I love doing it as it tells me where did the idea come about. I can also motivate you to start your own company from reading about their experience too.

They are a newly founded company based in Newport Beach California. Calibabas is currently live on Kickstarter and they have smashed their Kickstarter funding target with more than 20 days to go. These pants are in high demand globally at the moment!

Calibabas. New Labels Only

So who came up with the idea?

Kath, one of the co-founder, went on a trip to India but forgot to pack anything suitable for the unpredictable weather and cultural norms for the destination. Imagine wearing jeans on a rainy day.

So she bought a couple of harem pants from the local vendors and she loved them. They were very comfortable, kept her cool and also could be worn everywhere.

When she returned home, she brought some of the harem pants with her and everyone loved them too! The only problem was that the pants lacked pockets and stretchability for physical activity. The materials were also not durable and the style did not suit them.

After searching everywhere in the US with her friend, Alex the other co-founder, and coming up with nothing, they decided to make their own and this is where Calibabas was born.

This is not the first time I’ve done a blog post where the idea of the product came from travelling to Asia. I must go there too and find that source of idea!

Calibabas. New Labels only

Calibabas. New Labels Only

So what makes them ‘Earth’s Comfiest Pants’?

First the pants are made with Cooling Space Fabric, sounds fancy. Calibabas unique nylon/spandex blend well keep you cool while also regulating the perfect temperature. Air circulation is uninhibited in the hip area, making them great for physical activity or lounging horizontally.

Deep Pockets. Thank you! I am kidding but thank you Calibabas! You probably know the hassel of trying to fit your wallet, car keys, phone and also your home keys in your tiny pockets. These large pockets will definitely make sure you can fit them all in. Plus the style of the pants and discreet placement of the pockets keep the contents hidden.

The pants have adjustable length. Whether you like to wear the pants high up or fully cover your legs, Calibabas pants can be worn down to the ankle like a jogger or raised up to the mid-calf for more of a harem style.

Finally they are also unisex. That is an added bonus as if your Calibabas pants are dirty, you can wear your partners and nobody will know the different unless you have different sizing, then they’ll know!

Calibabas. New Labels Only

Calibabas. New Labels Only

All the pants are also ethically produced. Calibabas has teamed up with a California-based manufacturer that meets our ethical standards and provides good-paying jobs for employees in its factory in Peru. This is another reason they are Earth’s Comfiest Pants as you can wear them with the peace of mind that nobody has been exploited in making these pants.

I know you have fallen in love with Calibabas pants and I urge you to check your their Kickstarter Campaign as the pants are available less than the RRP.

Do visit the campaign here:

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and do let me know in the comment below, if you think Calibabas are Earth’s Comfiest Pants?


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