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You must know by now that watches is something I really love at New Labels Only, especially the latest watch brands. It gives me a certain kind of buzz! I did a post a very long time ago about watches from around the World and Asia was the only continent missing from that post. I remember clearly writing on that particular post that, one day I will write about a watch brand from Asia and today is that day! I present you Klasse 14 from Hong Kong. I have never heard about this brand but the watches they have are just exquisite and gorgeous!



So a bit about Klasse 14…

Klasse 14 was found in 2014 and they are based in Hong Kong. In the words of Klasse 14 they “strives to inspire a new generation of creative personalities and unique thinkers”

All the watches are the vision of their Creative Director, Mario Nobile and each watch is crafted with its own personal statement. The watches are of a one of a kind design and style, which provides you avenue to express your individuality.

Time is priceless. The hours, minutes and seconds that tick by cannot be saved; they can only be spent

Klasse 14


The Sartoria Flannel

Based on the five most recognizable suiting patterns, this limited watch collection combines heritage and modernity in a very interesting twist, thanks to the distinctive strap design.

I was lucky to get my hands on one of the Klasse 14 watches and it was the Sartoria Flannel.

When it arrived, the packaging was well done, with your standard box. From what I have seen from Klasse 14 instagram page, the style of the box changes depending of the style of the watch.

My first impression of the watch was WOW! This watch is gorgeous. I’m not saying it for the sake of it, the watch is truly gorgeous. The first thing I did was to feel if there was a glass cover over the dial. The reason I did that is because the dial has this unique ‘dip in’ style feature where it looks like the dial is bare.

New Labels Only. Klasse 14The strap was made out of two material. One was your black leather and the second was a grey wool type material. I actually loved this because this is the first watch I ever had with this type of strap and I really love it.

The minute hand and the second-hand has a little bend on it and this is definitely something new!

The watch is quite heavy and I love this. Personally this tells me the watch is of good quality and reliable. But it is not too heavy that make moving your wrist difficult. It is just the right weight for me.

The watch is 42mm and it is quite wide however this did not bother me a lot as my wrist is quite large to accommodate the watch.


One more thing I forgot to mention is the engraving at the back of the watch. You will definitely love this and this is where the title of this post came from. It is stunning and the craftmanship is unquestionable here. You got to love it!

New Labels Only. Klasse 14

Any final thoughts…

I always wear the watches I get the same day. I just like to show off a bit, just joking. I really love the Sartoria Flannel, the colour is gorgeous, the style and design is unique and the weight of the watch is perfect.

There is nothing bad to say about the watch. Personally I would wear this watch on casual occasion, that is just me. It is a classy watch, but not too classy that it can be worn with a suit and a tie.

My overall impression is really great about this watch. This is the first watch which I saw at first sight and I was like WOW! and had to feel it too see if all the correct pieces were present.

Would I recommend this watch? 100% I would. Nothing else to add.

New Labels Only. Klasse 14

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and I know you have fallen in love with the Sartoria Flannel! As a little present from New Labels Only to you, do use ‘newlabelsonly’ at the checkout to get 12% off on www.klasse14.com and do tag New Labels Only on your images with your own Klasse 14  for a chance to be featured on NLO’s social media.

I would like to thank Klasse 14 for providing me the Sartoria Flannel and also allowing to use some of their images.

Thank you for reading!


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