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Summer 2017 Wishlist with New Labels Only!

Summer is just around the corner and I know that you are eagerly waiting for the sun to fully arrive, for the temperature to reach so high that we start to wish it is winter again.

But are you ready for the summer? Have you got your outfits ready? That special shoes? A stunning handbag that will even make the sun shy to come out? Do not worry, I got your summer sorted with all the latest labels.

First lets get the sunglasses sorted out with Tens.

Personally I would recommend the Cooper from the Tens range. It is not your usual sunglasses and that is why I chose it. Its round lens and different prints make it very desirable and also will make you stand out for sure.

cleo 2



I recently did a post of Tens sunglasses and why they are so special that their Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded with still a month to go. Do have a look here

The handbag will be from Mahi Leather

Personally I have never heard of this brand but their Tote handbags are really gorgeous. I would definitely go for the Victoria Tote by Mahi. It is spacious for all your summer necessities but not too large that it gets in the way. It also has adjustable strap to you can decide how low you want the bag to hang.

The bag is also made of premium full grain leather and also comes with customized embroidery. You have up to 4 letters embroidered on the side of the bag.

You might be thinking that this bag must cost a fortune! But you are wrong! Mahi Leather are made to other and this help to reduce their wastage,making their prices 45% cheaper than the high street outlets.


victoria 2

If you do not like this style, then do have a look at The Ariel which is my second favourite handbag.


One great feature of Mahi Leather as a brand is that they are working with FRANK water charity. For every bag sold, they donate $1.50 to FRANK water charity which is helping to provide clean water for life to over 100 families in India. So far they have donated $7,000 and I’m pretty sure that this figure will continue to rise.

To have a look at the full Mahi Leather range, do visit

Shoes has to be from Patara.

You must know them by now. Their post on New Labels Only was the highest post viewed and many people gave very good comments and feedbacks on the brand.

But this time I will be picky and choose their best summer shoes and it has to be the Nomad.



The Nomad comes in different designs, colours and prints. It is lightweight and this is definitely great for the long walk during the summer. They are also odor resistant and moisture wiking, so no stinky feet during the summer heat.

Another reason why I feel in love with them is because of their commitment of producing the shoes ethically and sustainably. All shoes are handmade in Thailand, where the workers are given a wage which allows them to live a comfortable life. The shoes are made with organic cotton fibers and the insoles are made of Cork which is a by product from Cork trees.

Do have a read of New Labels Only comprehensive blog on Patara shoes here. Also do visit to see the Nomads.


That special summer dress from LF Markey

LF Markey was created in 2008 by Australian born Louise Markey LF Markey. She created a “no-nonsense aesthetic of simple, geometric shapes, bold colours and naive handpainted print designs.”

Personally I’d go for the William Vest Top Dress. This dress can be pulled on to add effortless style at a moment’s notice. It is lightweight and give a gentle relaxed fit.



If you would like to know more about LF Markey William Vest Top Dress, do click me!

To finish, you might need a nice scarf from Wyilda Af Norden to keep keep yourself warm from the evening breeze.

I cannot decide which style of scarf to choose here because they are all so gorgeous and stunning.


wyilda 3


wyilda 2

Told you it is hard to decide which one to choose. I have done a previous post on Wyilda Af Norden in the past and I know you will fall more in love with them after you’ve read the post. You can find it here.

Wyilda Af Norden are about to fully launch their website and I cannot wait to see the new style and designs they have added. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these scarf!

If you would like to know more about the Wyilda Af Norden, do visit their current website here

Well this is the end of the Summer 2017 Wishlist by New Labels Only. I hope that you have loved it and I would love to know what’s going to be on your 2017 Summer Wishlist! Do let me know in the comment below.

I would like to thank all the new brands and labels for using their images and they all belong to their respective owner. Thank you!

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