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Tens Filter Sunglasses. See the World Brighter!

Sunglasses. This is something definitely new to New Labels Only. Personally I do not wear sunglasses because they make my face look funny and I never find sunglasses that fits my face. Plus they make things look funny when you wear them especially when you are on the go a lot.

But I have found Tens. They are a Glasgow based company who are replacing the cold and lifeless shade to a rich and brighter lens tint.



They currently have a live Kickstarter Campaign going on to help bring custom lens tint that promises to make everyday life look and feel ten times better. They have already been exceeded their campaign funding goal with more than a month to go!

Whilst regular sunglasses block out the sun with cold desaturated lens tints, Tens work with the warmth of the sun to make everyday life look and feel ten times better.



I have never heard of Tens…

You are not alone here. I also have not heard about Tens until I stumbled on to them on Kickstarter.

So here is their story

Tens imagined by three friends during a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. As photographers and filmmakers with a love for adding rich, warm colours to our work, it felt natural to bring this process to the real world. A simple ambition to make everyone’s day look and feel ten times better.

Tens sunglasses are very popular and have been worn by very famous people. I mean very famous. Richard Branson. Talk about a big name drop!


So why the big hype?

Tens are very popular around the world because of their unique custom lens tint. They make everything brighter than any other sunglasses while still protecting you eyes. All of the lens features full UV400 protection, blocking 100% harmful rays, so you are fully protected.

Seeing things in a dark shade is not pleasant and that is one of the reason I stopped wearing sunglasses. You can barely see things properly with the dark lens and it is really annoying. On occasions, I had to take off my sunglasses just to see the traffic light because the shades were too dark.

Do have a look for yourself of the difference between your standard lens and the Tens Custom tint lens.

compare 2

Much more brighter right!

The Style.

Currently they have 12 style on their website and they are all gorgeous. The sunglasses have different prints on them and it make them individually unique. Do have a look at their 2017 collection, you will be amazed and definitely fall in love with them!


cleo 2


They are all gorgeous, reasonably priced and also they ship worldwide! Do visit their Kickstarter page to have a look at the Custom Tint Lens  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tens/tens-filter-sunglasses-that-make-life-look-better  and do visit their website https://www.tenslife.com/ to have a look at their full range. As always, Tens, if you are reading this, I am always open for birthday gifts.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love to know if the Custom Tint Lens will be your best friend during the summer?

Also if you want me to cover any new brands and labels you know of, do let me know.

I would like to give a huge Thank you to Tens for using their images.

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