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Brian Giniewski Ceramics. Delightful Drippy Pots from Philly!

I love writing about the latest fashion and accessories brands on New Labels Only but I think I need a break from it. I am not saying that I will completely stop writing about them but I need something new. A new label or product that will make me go “WOW, this is definitely new!”

Have I found it? You know I have!

Brian Giniewski Ceramics! 

pic 1

This is completely new to New Labels Only because I have never blogged about ceramics before but I can promise you that you will want one of Brian Giniewski little wonders by the end of the post!

Little background info on Brian Giniewski Ceramics

So Brian Giniewski is an artist and he makes a line of fun, colorful, and unique ceramic pots. After 6 years of Brian teaching art at the university level and making pots on evenings and weekends, he got the opportunity to work in a full-time studio. His work has been well received, I will show you why in a minute, that he needs to expands his production and relocate to a new studio in the Frankford neighborhood, Philly. The new space that he has found, Globe Dye Works, has better features including a new electrical system, HVAC, windows + skylights.

Told you, this is new!

Brian Ginieski Little Wonders




Brian’s work is definitely wonderful to say the least. All of his work has this drippy feature on them and it really makes the pot stand out. The pots look surreal to be honest! The pots look like they are from that cartoon with the yellow bear who likes to eat honey! ( I don’t thing I’m allowed to use that cartoon’s name, sorry!)



I am actually speechless. I have nothing more to say about these pots because they pots are just too cute and adorable.

Brian Giniewski, you talented and magical Genie! See what I did there. I know you saw it!

So how is the kickstarter campaign going so far?

From their kickstarter page, they have raised over half of the amount needed and have been backed by 98 people. That is actually pretty well and they have 25 days to go. The rewards for supporting Brian Giniewski are really great and you must check it out!

If you are a blogger and do creative photography, these little and also large drippy pots will definitely make your photography that little more better and gorgeous!



all black

I really want one of these pots myself and I would like to encourage you to visit Brian Giniewski Ceramics Kickstarter page and also main website to find more about these exquisite drippy pots.

I have to say that I have not been sponsored or had any contact prior to writing this post. I just like sharing new labels with you guys!

The Kickstarter Campaign:

Main Website:

Brian Giniewski, if you are reading this, I wish you all the luck with your campaign and I would like to thank you for using your images. I hope that we will meet one day in Philly and visit your workshop!


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