New Labels Only. D1 Milano

D1 Milano. The Ordinarily Unique Unisex Watch!

If you have been following New Labels Only, you know that watches is something that I cherish a lot. Last week I did a post on GENT Watches, which was greatly received but it was only for men.

This time around I bring you D1 Milano, the ordinarely unique unisex watch from Milan, Italy.

New Labels Only. D1 Milano

The beginning of D1 Milano

Born in Milan during the 2013 Edition of MFW and now present in the world’s leading fashion boutiques, D1 Milano, pronounced as ‘The One’, was created by brother and sister, Dario, Alessia along with their longtime friends Alessandro and Mattia. With its unique and different style, D1 Milano quickly made its way as one of the fastest growing fashion accessories around the world!

With it’s effortlessly cool and natural chic look, you can see why the D1 Milano was spreading like wildfire around the world!



“D1 Milano is a way of living, of knowing always that you are a step away from making that final step to reach success.”

D1 Milano

So what do I think about it?

You guys are probably thinking that every watch which I have reviewed, I have always said that the watch is the ‘one’, so what is different about this post?

This time around I’ll be talking about my experience of wearing the D1 Milano throughout last week, talk about how it felt and look.

Firstly, I would like to thank D1 Milano for sending me the MO O4G, it a gorgeous blue watch with a gold dial.


The packaging of the watch is really something else. When I opened the plastic packaging like a child on Christmas day, the logo and the slogan hit you immediately. The box is ain a subtle matte black colour and the logo along with the slogan are in a sparkling silver colour.

Inside the box you get your watch and also a mechanical to help you resize your strap. You also get a 12 month warranty card ,which is pretty neat!


So how did the watch feel?

The watch has a smooth and soft touch to it. This is because the watch is made out of a Polycarbonate Material with Soft Touch Coating Manually Applied. The watch is not heavy and that was a bit of a negative for me. Personally, I like my watches to be a little heavy so you can feel the presence of the watch but if you like your wrist to feel light, then this will definitely suit you.


How does it look?

I tried different outfits during the week to match the watch and to be honest this watch goes well all type of outfits. If you want to go for a casual look or go for a more suited and booted type of outfit, looking chic is effortless.

For two days straight I went all blue, I mean all blue from shoes to shirt to jeans to match watch and I looked good!


“Our aim is a low price fashion watch of high quality material that can contribute to the inspiration of consumers of luxury market”

D1 Milano

Any problems…

No, not really. The week went flawless. The watch suited all my outfit and there no problem mechanically. The buckle was a bit loose but that was my fault as I did not fasten it properly. Otherwise, I spent a great week wearing the watch. I got a couple of look from strangers staring at the watch, which I am flattered with and it effortlessly matched all the outfit I wore.


Would I recommend the D1 Milano?

100% I would. It is not because D1 Milano offered a new watch so I have to push the sales of their watch, no way! I would recommend it based on the merits of the watch. The D1 Milano MO O4G  does not follow a trend, it is verstaille and also has it own unique look to it. One more thing, this watch is unisex, so if you want, you can share it with your other half.

The D1 Milano would make great gift for someone. Another thing, the price of the MO O4G and all of the other D1 Milano watches are very much affordable. Do visit for see the prices of the watches and the extensive D1 Milano watch range.

D1 Milano has also promised New Labels Only with our own 15% discount code and it is NLO15. Use it for 15% off on everything!

Do watch the unboxing of the D1 Milano here

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love to know what you guys think about the D1 Milano. Do let me know in the comment below!


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