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Stubble & Co. The Stylish, Durable and Perfect Men’s bag!

Doing my usual research on Kickstarter to find the latest label for New Labels Only , I came across this campaign about “The perfect everyday bag for men”. Personally I did not believe them because nothing is perfect and as a man, finding the perfect bag is literally mission impossible!

When it comes to bag, I like it simple, stylish and also spacious. I am pretty sure that I am speaking on behalf of all the men. Finding this type of bag is pretty hard to find and I’m pretty sure that I have found it!


Who are Stubble & Co?

I have no idea who the founders are or when the company was founded but what I know is that Stubble & Co is a British brand created to support men who live this life of travel, designing products that are functional and aspirational, at an affordable price.

The people behind the company search for a bag that can be used for work, going to the gym, for a weekend away or for an overnight trip, but their search was pointless. Trust me, you do not want to use your smelly gym bag as your work bag. You deserve to be fired if you do that!

So they thought, ” why not create a bag that can be the perfect everyday bag for men?” and this is their result.

“Over the past 14 months we have challenged, tested and refined our bags at every stage of the development process to ensure each criteria has been met.”



So is it perfect?

Let’s talk about the design first. The bag has a minimalistic style to it and it is something which I personally look for in a bag. I do not like a bag which is flashy or with colours that is brighter than the sun.

The bag comes in two colours; Olive Green and Black. It also has some brown coloured features around bag and this helps to compliment the bag giving it a luxury and classy look to it.


What about the features? The features are plenty in the bag,so get your notepad ready or I can just show you the features in a slide show!

That is a lot of features to be honest and it is incredible how they have kept that gorgeous minimalistic look with all those features on the bag.

So it is the perfect everyday men’s bag? I think so. The is not that big in size and that is perfect for travelling and also using it as a gym bag. The design and the look of the bag oozes luxury and class, so it will be perfect for work. With all the pouches and pockets, you can also use it for university.

What I like most about the bag is that the straps has been strengthen. I have had many bags in my life and for sure, the straps will rip at some point. It is even worse when you are using the bag for your shopping and rips as you are walking home.

The bag is made of 100% cotton and I would like to this question. Will small lint balls appear on the bag after prolong use? From what I have seen, this looks very unlikely as high quality stitching has been used and long-term durability has been promised.

So are they expensive?

For this high quality, stylish and durable bag, No! With all the features which are included in the price, the price of the bags are very much affordable. Do have a look at here to find out more about the price, click me.



This campaign has been successfully backed on Kickstarter and the bags are going like hot cakes. For sure, you will see Stubble & Co bags everywhere around the world soon!

Would I buy this bag? Yes. Simply Yes! Stubble & Co, if you are reading this and if you want to give this bag as my birthday present, do let me know, I’m always open to receiving gifts!

If you want to know more about Stubble & Co, do visit their website;

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know which colour do you prefer? For me, it has to be the Olive Green!

I would like to thank Stubble & Co for using their images. Thank you!

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