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This is the third post which I have shared where sustainability is a key part of the company. If you missed the other post, you can find them here. The first one is Patara Shoes and the second is Coast Protein

So who is this new company?

Known as Sheer Apparel, they are a start-up who are “building your one stop shop for innovative, conscious clothing that makes you look and feel beautiful from bedroom to boardroom, whether you are killing it at work or at the gym”

They research various brands and strictly select the ones which they think would bring you the highest quality, beautiful and affordable clothes.

So what brands do they represent?

There are a few brands and the clothes they produce are beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous.

I will not be able to list all of them, but I have selected a few which I personally think you would like the most. Do have a look at them and tell me what you think about them in the comment below.

Helen Round

Helen Round specialises in accessories and all feature beautiful designs inspired by nature and the sea, and combines traditional screen printing and hand-making techniques. The predominant fabric is linen, a highly sustainable and strong natural fibre.



These adorable make up bags only cost £20 (Pre-Sale) and to be honest this is very much affordable plus they are sustainably made.


Asquith produce some of the most beautiful activewear. There are not your ordinary activewear you would see that your local sports retailer, founder Alice selects the very best fabrics, ensuring the garments have excellent technical properties for your workout, feel incredible on the skin and stay beautiful wash after wash, as the many longtime Asquith fans testify.


The Asquith price range starts at £31 with the highest price range at £44 (Pre-Sale).

Jan N’ June

Founded in 2013, Jan ‘N June have built up quite a following with their range of classic yet edgy pieces.

Little design twists on classic, minimalist cuts mean you won’t ever tire of these special pieces and the founders’ uncompromising focus on quality ensure the garments can be loved for a long time.

They are also a vegan brand where they use luxurious recycled synthetic rather than silk.


The starting price of the Jan N’ June collection starts at £34 to the highest price at £69 (Pre-Sale).


Gothenburg based Maska was founded in 2009 based on the desire to let everyone discover the beauty and allure of exquisite natural fabrics and yarns, such as wool, silk, mohair, cashmere, linen and cotton, combined with refined detailing.

Each of the garment are carefully crafted with natural fibres which are carefully selected in order for them to have a long-lasting beauty which can be worn year after year.

How is sustainability maintained?

All the brands which Sheer Apparel work with have a close relationship with their producers and they can guarantee that fair working practices are always in operation. In terms of the environment, the brands do not use non-biodegradable synthetics or pesticide-heavy conventional cotton. Instead they opt for organic, more sustainable fabrics, or use pre-consumer surplus fabric creatively. Finally the brands make sure that the clothes are durable and long-lasting so they can be enjoyed year after year.

One a personal point of view, if is definitely great that such brands are supporting the environment as well as caring for the people who are creating the clothes. With retailers and brands focusing more on profit, it is great brands focusing on sustainability and the protection of the environment.

If you are in London anytime soon, do visit Sheer Apparel, who have a Pop Up in Shoreditch between the 17-26th of March. I can guarantee you that you will love it.

To find out more about Sheer Apparel and the other brands which I could not mention, please do visit their website here.


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