Coast Protein. Made with Real Crickets!

Yes, you are reading it correctly! It’s the actual crickets. The one that you find in the fields that make the chirping sound.

This is definitely a new idea which I have posted on New Labels Only. Never have I had such a weird yet wonderful post.

Do not be put off until you have read the whole post on Coast Protein.


Who is Coast Protein?

As I have always done with the New labels, I always try to give you  taste on who the company is.

Coast Protein is a Canadian based Start up. As you already know by now, Coast Protein produce protein bars and powder made from crickets.One of the founders, Dylan, was travelling through Southeast Asia. At a bus stop in Cambodia, he saw a lady wok frying crickets with lime and chilli peppers, before cooling them down, adding a pinch of rock salt, and selling them like popcorn. He bought a pack as this is where he was hooked for life on crickets.

Dylan, read that 80% of countries already eat insects and he felt that it was time to introduce his fellow Canadians, so he founded along with other co founders Coast Protein.

I need to go to travelling in Southeast Asia. This is the second post I have done where people have found brilliant start up ideas, the other post is Patara Shoes. If you have not read it, you are missing out big time!


So why Crickets?

Why are people happy to eat processed meat pumped full of hormones but are grossed out by real food?

Instead of me blabbering on and on, I’m going to let this infographic do the work for me.


I did not know that crickets fart! 

If someone told me that crickets are better to eat for muscle growth rather than the traditional cow and chicken meat, I would say that person is crazy.

Personally, I never knew that crickets have high calcium and Omega 3 along with the other vital mineral and vitamins. This is something that the everyone should be made aware of!

Lets talk about the Protein Bars

Currently Coast Protein only have two flavours. Peanut butter and Dark Chocolate Raisin. Do not worry, you will not find a head of a cricket in the bars. The protein bars are made with powdered crickets and are infused together with honey and dried fruits to sweeten it, so no added sugar here!

The nutritious ingredients and complete amino acid profile make them the perfect meal replacement or post-workout snack.

The bars have 10g of protein, are dairy free, gluten free and have no GMO.



The Powder

The powder has three flavours. Peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla. The powder can be consumed as a smoothie or post-workout shake. Personally I’ll go for the post workout as the protein will help with muscle growth.


Each 33g of serving has 21g of protein, 0g of sugar, dairy free and gluten free.

How is Coast Protein Sustainable?

Our mission is to make delicious insect-based products that become a normal everyday food source to help people live healthy, sustainable lifestyles

Coast Protein has partnered with a local tree planting company is Canada which they will be planting 10,000 trees especially Cedar saplings. This operation will start in June 2017 and they have promised to keep their backers updated with video updates.

If you are taking your supply from the environment, you should be giving something back. I think planting 10,000 trees is definitely something good to give back. Planting more trees will definitely maintain the ecosystem and also help animals with their habitats.Also it will make the world look less of a concrete jungle!

How can I get some of these Cricket powered protein bars and powder?

They are currently live with their campaign on kickstarter and they have amazing rewards going on. Do visit Coast Protein’s Kickstarter Campaign here

I have not tried this product and I was not endorsed to blog about it. I love new labels and brands, so that is why it is on New Labels Only. Coast Protein, if you want to send me to try out some of protein bars, do let me. I’m always open for new things.


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