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VOLT Swimwear. Be a girl with a mind. A woman with attitude and a surfer with class

When I started New Labels Only, I used the Kickstarter website a lot to find new upcoming labels and brands from around the world to help spread the word about their campaign. We have collaborated with many successful Kickstarter campaigners which include The Reach London and Minute and Azimut.

However, lately I have not helped any new brands or labels with their Kickstarter campaign. It is not that I am a big shot or have grown too big in stature to help them. It is just that I have not found any campaign which I think ‘this is going to be the huge’ or ‘the brand which everyone is going to be talking about’

But now I think I have found the next and upcoming ‘talk of the town’ type of brand.

VOLT.  The Most Comfy & Customizable Seamless Swimsuit Ever

Founded by Simone Zea and Nadja Ibarra, the founders set off on a mission to offer women incredible and unique design swimsuit wear. They wanted to create a swimwear which encourages women to feel confident, comfortable and happy with themselves.

The designs by VOLT has been created so that it fits and work well on every female from 6 months old babies to mature women of 80 years of age.

For most company, generating as much profit as possible is their usual goal, however for VOLT helping Latin athletes compete in aquatic events at an international level is also part of their goal. Helping Latin athletes to show off their hard work at an international stage is truly impressive and inspiring by VOLT.

So what is new about this swimwear?

VOLT has two new style called Voltage and V-Land.

V-Land. It is called V-Land because of the deep neckline it creates. This style comes with two independent panels which can be customised to create your own individual look.

VOLT Swimwear is very versatile and can be tied in different ways to suit you.  To know which VOLT Swimwear style will suit you perfectly do have a quick read at Popsugar article on ‘find the perfect swimwear for your body’

 VOLT Swimwear has no stitching and can be stretched in 4 ways. This was done so that the swimwear can mould to your body and leave no unwanted bumps. All the swimwear are surf proof, so you do not need to buy another swimwear just for surfing.

 Finally VOLT swimwear were also created with new mothers in mind. You will not have to worry about your post baby belly as you will love beautiful with the VOLT Swimwear on!

 To find out more about VOLT and to support their Kickstarter Campaign, click me!


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