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Time to get Active with our Top 4 New Home Gym Equipment in 2017

There a lot of people with the New Year resolution of going to the gym more often or just to get more physically active in their daily life. But sometime people would just give up on going to the gym just because they are cannot be bothered anymore or that they do not like the atmosphere of the gym or it is just too cold to leave the house. For people who want to get physically active, they may not know where to start or which equipment they need.


Here at New Labels Only, I created a list of the Top 4 New Home Gym Equipment which I think would be really beneficial for you to achieve your New Year resolution and also cut out the procrastination of not getting active.

 DoubleFlex Black

This equipment is a total body portable gym which can be used anywhere you want! This equipment does not specialise in helping only one part of the body but it is design to help all areas of the body depending how it is used.

What makes the DoubleFlex Black unique to other products is that it is the only device that provides abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise movement, building a balanced body more efficiently. Also, since the DoubleFlex does not use gravity, a much wider range of functional exercises is possible in all planes of movement.

What’s more unique with the DoubleFlex Black is that it can be used with different activities such as yoga, spin classes and pilates. This is like doing two workout session in one go.


Find out more about the DoubleFlex Black Here

BodyBoss 2.0

 The BodyBoss 2.0 is claimed to the World’s first home gym which you can take anywhere you want. It is a collapsible base which you stand on and helps to simulate the workout you get from gym equipments and machines.

The VectorFit base makes BodyBoss 2.0 your own personal portable gym. VectorFit meaning you control direction and magnitude of force. Flip it open and unlock hundreds and hundreds of exercises – in a 7 lb concept.

So how can the BodyBoss 2.0 help you with?  There 2 handles on the base which helps to mimics dumbbells and other activities which required the use of handle. This is help you with your upper body work outs. The ankle and wrist straps on the base allows you do cardio boxing, bun blasters and many more activities. The workout board which can be collapsed in half allows you to work on your upper body with pull ups. Finally the board also allows carry out workout which requires higher band position such as lat pulls downs and triceps workout and the door anchor helps to hold the base in a higher position.

 Find out more about the BodyBoss 2.0 Here

 The BuildingBlock

 This is a gym in a box.

 The BuildingBlock was designed to allow any individual to maximise their workout in a short period of time. By having different products and exercise activities in the box, the BuildingBlock is designed to deliver the most efficient workout from basic and light workout to fat loss and athletic performance.

 Again this product can be used at the comfort of the user’s house or anywhere they wish to use the box.

 How can the BuildingBlock help me? To be honest, this BuildingBlock is going to beneficiate you in various ways. Starting with the basic Step-up workout to help benefit the movement of knee joints and help facilitate a rehab. You can also use the BuildingBlock with your squats and the differing height of the box can help you adjust the difficulty of the squats. BuildingBlock jumps, the integrated handle bar helps to provide stability to the box hence allows you with your jumps.

The box can also be used to push ups, burpees, leg raise with reverse crunch and the elastic band. The BuildingBox will help all areas of your body without a doubt.

What I love about the BuildingBlock is the harness. Attached at the hips, this allows you to improve your speed performance by dragging a weight of your choosing. This is more for the athletic type workout and you would need a large space to carry out this activities, like a park.

Find out more about the BuildingBlock Here

KO8 Pro

This is the complete gym in a bag where you can train anywhere and anytime. The KO8 Pro is harness type product which allows you to do an acclaimed 99% of the exercises . This is a highly acclaimed product and has been used by professional athletes around the world and also professional sporting clubs such as Liverpool FC and by England Rugby.

So how can the KO8 Pro help you?

The Harness Mode. The harness mode will assist you in correcting your technique in push-ups, frogs jumps, bear claws and many more activities

 The Suspension mode. This is where the KO8 Pro is anchored at a higher position and allows you to help improve your core muscles from every position you are working out.

 The Resistance Mode. This mode where the KO8 Pro provide some resistance force of up to 72kg which can be used to help improve your core and arm. It is like lifting dumbbells combined with a cable machine. The resistance force can be adjusted easily depending of the user’s capability.

There also different ways the KO8 Pro can be used such as fitness, yoga and also sports performance with its adjustable straps.

 Find out more about the KO8 Pro Here

These are our Top 4 New Home Gym Equipment which I think will help you combat the excuses of not going to the gym and help you get more physically active.

Before making any purchase of these products, I highly recommend you to check out the products in more details to see if the product is right for you.

I would like to thank all the companies for the use of the pictures.

I hope this has article has been useful to you and I would love to know what you think about this article. Do leave a comment below!

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