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Laced with Kindness. Sometimes a small gift can bring a smile.

“Sometimes a small gift can bring a smile to someone’s face through a simple act of kindness”

Laced with Kindness produces some of the world best bracelets I have seen. All the bracelets are handmade with precious stones and crystal beads in the colour of your choice. 

Each bracelets also comes features a Patron Saint charm you choose and each one has a different meaning to reflect a personal struggle or show compassion.

Laced with Kindess also makes handmakes necklaces and again they are very gorgeuous and unique.

What I love about the necklaces is its simplicity. The necklaces comes with a ravishing gemstone of your choice and also a personally selected patron by you to make it that extra special.

As a special souvenir, each bracelet includes the description of the Patron Saint and the precious gemstone chosen.

If you would to see more of Laced with Kindess bracelets and necklaces, do visit

I would like to thank The Barefoot Mum for providing us some of the divine photographs at the start of the blog.

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