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Keep yourself warm with our best jackets to wear this winter!

Winter is never fun when it is freezing cold. Sometime you have to wear two socks just to save your toes from freezing and even double up on jackets to keep our body warm. But wearing two big jackets can be quite heavy and also quite annoying when you are trying to check your phone or putting things in your pockets. So I did my research and I bring you our best jackets to wear this winter.


Ravean. One jacket for all season

If you cannot live without your heater, you might as well take it with you when you go out. This is what Ravean did. The Ravean one jacket for all season has an installed heater inside of it. This light weight jacket has three temperature control and can be worn comfortably in weather as cold as -4F/ -20C. The jacket also has a portable charger for your phone up to 6 times if needed and also has heated gloves connection if you want your hands to be toasty. The gloves are also ‘touch screen gloves’ so you do not need to take your gloves off to make that important call. The gloves however are sold separately.

The jacket is washable and water resistant. If you want to use this jacket during the spring time or autumn time where the weather is not as freezing you can. Just don’t use the temperature control in the jackets.

The prices of the jackets are different and has a starting price of $199/€187/£162

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The Cayuga by Black Rabbit

The Cayuga is made out of 63% cotton 34% nylon 3% metal  and weighs around 180 grams per square meter.  The hood of the Cayuga has a double closure with an outer zip and also inner button flap so you can keep face warm. The sleeves of the jackets are made in a kimono style for ease of movement and gives it a Japanese look. Finally the a large BR logo is patched on the sleeve of the jacket to mark the name of the brand however it is removable. This is for sure going to keep you warm during the winter.

 Priced at €375/£324/$399, it is a in the high price range.

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 BauBax. Bomber Jacket

 The Baubax Bomber Jacket is like Inspector Gadget’s jacket.  This jacket has up to

15 features within it. It has a neck pillow with 2 second inflation, eye mask,  table pocket to fit tablets or anything to the size of 10 inches,  built it gloves, a blanket pocket for BauBax already equipped blanket,  drink pocket,  earphone holders, a zipper with a telescoping pen to store a pen or pencil up to 4 inches in case you get that number,  a phone pocket, a sunglass pocket, built in microfiber cloth to clean your lenses, a passport pocket and finally hand warming pocket.

You will need a map of this jacket to find which pocket is where!

In terms of its reliability in the cold, it can withstand temperature  at 45F or 7C, which is good, but I would recommend wearing a thick shirt or blazer for the freezing temperatures.

The retail price of the BauBax Bomber jacket retails at $179/€168/£146 for both men and women.

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Maunder XV Deepcover

Made out of the finest material, the Unisex Maunder XV Deepcover is waterproof, breathable, durable and also lightweight.  The jacket will especially appease people who are very much outdoor as it feature  a unique D-Ring utility hook feature for field necessities. Attaching lights for safety opened up a world of possibilities, action cameras, ID cards, travel cards, ski passes, gloves, keys, always keeping your essential items close to hand.

The jacket has also been manufactured for performance without the heavy mountaineering or sports branding so it’s stylish and sleek while also protecting you and comforting you.

The Maunder VX Deepcover has a lot of features which include a soft touch triple membrane outer shell jacket,  a zip-out DWR coated thermal inner jacket in contrasting fabric, 12 MXV D-Ring utility hooks (optional), 11 discrete pockets ,detachable magnetic hood with toggle adjustment, YKK Aquacheat #5 zippers, fully taped sealed seams, high scoop collar, fishtail rear, two way front split zipper, gunmetal and reflective detail.

To keep yourself that extra bit warm, I would recommend that you add another layer underneath the jacket.

 With a starting price of £249/ €288/


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hope that our list of the best jackets are going to keep you warm during this freezing winter. If you think I missed out on any jackets you think would make this list, do let me know in the comment below

I would like to thank all the jacket company for using their images.

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