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SLVR&Co. How one company is disrupting the Billion Dollar Watch Industry!

It is not a typo! SLVR&Co are actually taking on the Billion Dollar watch industry and are winning with their sleek design and most impressively with their affordable prices.

 Who are SLVR&co?

SLVR&Co is a London watch based company who started their production and distribution of their affordable premium watch in November 2016.

They were relatively unknown but with their gorgeous and simplistic designs and again with their affordable prices, they have exploded on social media. They currently have over 1000 instagram followers and this is growing at an unprecedented pace.

They have a range of watches and the starting price is at £64.99 and the highest price at £94.99.

Again these prices are not over the top and expensive. For these prices you are guaranteed to get a time piece which is firstly beautifully built with high end material and also a watch that looks and feel luxurious.

What do I think about the watches?

Firstly, I would like to give a massive thank you to SLVR&Co for giving me the chance to review one of their watches. We chose the Mayfair Tan retailing at £64.99.

Packaging Good. The watch arrived in a jet black box with an onyx pillow with the watch wrapped around it. Feels and looks luxurious.

The Mayfair tan is just gorgeous, no question asked! The strap is made out of genuine leather and feel really comfortable around the wrist. 

The watch itself is slim and light which will suit people who do not like heavy watches.

What stands out the most from the Mayfair Tan is the use of Rosegold casing. This compliments the black background of the watch and really makes it stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the Tan straps also really goes well with the whole watch. 

One feature which SLVR&Co can improve on is to add more holes in the straps to support smaller wrist. I have contacted them about this, and they accepted our feedback with open arms. It is really awesome to see companies who actually accept feedback and are willing to listen to their customers.

If you are looking a gift for a love one to cheerish for the rest of their life, giving them a SLVR & Co watch is not a bad idea.Or just buy one for yourself.

 To see more collection of SLVR & Co watches, do visit and use SLVR25 for 25% off your purchase.

Be second to none!

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