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Original Grain. Handcrafted to Perfection

Watches is something that I really love and adore at New Labels Only. I started my watch collection in 2016 with SLVR&Co London (read the  full review here) but now we have a new addition to my collection.

The fabulous Handcrafted Original Grain Zebrawood Rose Gold!

I came across the Original Grain brand through the discover button on Instagram. Something about the Original Grain picture in the discover section really caught my eye and i was  instantly hooked by the Original Grain watches. I was  going crazy on Original Grain Instagram page, liking and commenting at lot. To be fair, they deserve the likes and comments, these watches are just stunning.

I really wanted to feature the Original Grain Watch on my blog and social media network and I knew my awesome followers would really appreciate the Original Grain Watches. I got in contact with them and they delightfully agreed to collaborate. They gave me the opportunity to choose a watch to feature on our blog and social media network and I chose the Zebrawood Rose Gold. This was not my choice at first, originally I wanted the Ebony Matte Black but it was out of stock and I could see why that was the case.

A little background detail on Original Grain as we always do. Established in 2013 by Ryan and Andrew Beltran, the two brothers dreamt of launching a brand which would combine both their love for nature and style. To make that dream come to reality they launched Original Grain on Kickstarter and after 30 days the two brother raised around $400,000 and that dream became reality.

To keep their love for nature, they created a partnership with Trees for the Future. The promise is that for every watch is sold, 10 trees are planted.

The Zebrawood Rose Gold arrived well packaged and the case which the watch was in is ravishing and gorgeous. The case is made out of wood and you can actually smell the wood. The logo on the casing is engrved and bold. It is like a seal of approval from Original Grain. I was  very impressed with the casing.

At first look, the Zebrawood Rosegold watch has a very elegant and alluring look. The black velvet lining inside to protect the watch was also well thought of. The black velvet makes sure that the watch is the centre of attention and really makes the watch stand out.

When placed on the wrist, the watch is very light and with the sleek 40mm steel case, the Zebrawood Rose Gold will not take all space on your wrist but will sit very comfortably. The watch is not going to scream out to people to look at your wrist, but what it is going to do is to gently get the attention of people will the 1.7mm Wood Bezel around the watch. This is definitely new and unique.

While others will be wearing uniform watches which occupies all of the space on their wrist, you will be wearing a unique and elegant watch which will gently allure people eyes toward your wrist.

The leather is genuine Italian leather and it is very soft. It is very comfortable around the wrist and does not restrict any movement of the wrist.

Personally, this watch will go will all type of outfit, if you are going with a suit, this watch will speak elegance and sophistication however if you are going casual, the calm presence Zebrawood Rose Gold will make sure your wrist will stand out in a gentle nature.

In terms of the movement of the watch, it is a Japanese Movement. There are no lags in the movement of the hands and they are perfectly on the spot.

The Zebrawood Rose Gold retails around $149 which is around £123 but rest assure that this is going a very good investment for yourself. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

If you are looking for a more bold watch but want the described detail above, rest assured, Original Grain do make a more varied selection of watches for those you like their watches a bit more bold and a bit more ‘screamy’. Do click here to explore the Original Grain selection.

I would like to say a big thank you to Original Grain for giving us the opportunity to blog about their amazing brand and also giving us the gorgeous Zebrawood Rose Gold to review.

The opinion given on the Zebrawood Rosegold is honest and I am not making none of it up or been given any lines or details to put in the blog post. They are all my words, promise!

 If you would like to know more about Original Grain Zebrawood Rosegold, click me!

 Do let me know what do think about the Original Grain Zebrawood Rose Gold in the comment below.


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