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Corkonto. Protecting Nature in a Fashionable way!

This isn’t the first time we have blogged about a company who is producing their products in a sustainable and ethical manner. The last time we blogged about a company using a sustainable method to produce their product was Wyilda Af Norden.  These companies deserve a massive a shout out and a big thank you for producing their products without damaging the environment and not taking advantage of workers in less developed countries.

 Another company who deserve a massive shout out and an even bigger thank you is Corkonto.

Fun Fact: Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in the world!.

Cork? What is Cork?

Cork is the outer bark (layer)  of a cork tree. For the cork tree to continue its growth the outer bark has to be removed or let it naturally fall off.

Cork Tree is originally from the Mediterranean and has been identified by the WWF as a priority specie due to its highly economical, environmental and social value that it brings.

Another fun fact: In all its total globally, the cork tree forest is the second biggest forest in the world only behind the Amazon forest.

The potential uses of the cork yet to be fully discovered, but Corkonto has found one of its potential use, to create fashionable and aesthetic handbags along with other daily essentials which include coasters, bowls and table mats.

Corkonto products are very unique and deserves to be highly praised as the designs of the handbags are very desirable. One of our favourite is the Essential Tote Bag. Its simplistic design yet spacious gives you a feel of luxury. The interior lining of the bag is made out of 100% leather and the bag is made from non-leather, cruelty-free materials using highly skilled manufacturing techniques.

Another handbag which we love is the Envelope Clutch. This is just gorgeous. We love the colour of the chain as it really goes well with the colour of the clutch. A must have we would say!

Corkonto is not just a company, it is more of a lifestyle. All the daily essentials that you need in your daily life can be found at Corkonto. They strongly believe in their mission of producing Cork products from ethically sourced Cork trees and their product list is still growing!

We would definitely encourage you to have a look at their versatile and captivating product range as we think this could the fashion trend in 2017!

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