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 Who here loves shoes?

 I absolutely adore shoes. However recently I have not blogged about shoes for a long time. The reason is simple. I have not found a new and unique shoes that deserves to be blogged about. All the new style of  shoes coming out tend to follow the norm and there is literally nothing new about them. So why should I waste your time talking about shoes that does not stand out or has anything unique about them. You can pick your own pair of shoes and look at them.

But wait a minute? Have you heard of Skye Footwear. If you have not, this is going to be interesting for you!

Skye is this ‘Super-ultra-hyper comfy’ shoes from Vancouver, Canada. So what is special and unique about them? First the look weird, not bad weird, but a good looking kind of weird .They look nothing like your traditional pair of shoes and that is why they deserve a spot on this blog. Have a  look for yourself and tell me think.

Skye has three style coming out and they are all individually unique when it comes to look. You have The Powll, The Rbutus and The Lons. The names are a bit of a mouthful, but they look great!

The Rbutus

 This is great for the runners, bikers, hikers and other outdoor activity. If you are not of an outdoorsy person, then this will look great with shorts and also rolled up stacks.

The Lons

This style is more for the walkers and for the casual hang outs. Great with casual high ankle demins.

The Powll

 This is the ‘lightweight heavyweight’. Great for a subtle statement. Personally this will go great with shorts and also the casual chinos.


Why is it so special?

 SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole

 This built in deep gel heel cup helps to absorbs any shocks and vibration which helps to protect the ankles. The SKYE Rebound has a springy gels with helps with the bounce of the walk.

 SKYE Foam Outsole

 This  ultra soft foam rubber base helps to absorb any shocks for the outer environment. Similar to the SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole, the EVA Cushion compresses with every step you take and goes back to normality when taking the next tep.

And it’s super light. Like walking on air’

 The Loop-Lok

 This is what the shoes unique and separates itself from the norm.

Inspired by SUPing, the bungee cables loop gently lock across the upper mid-foot, like a good hug.

You never need to tie a knot.

 4-way Stretch Upper

 The material used in creating the upper part shoe gives in a 4 way stretch, giving you the perfect fit. The material is also breathable, so no sweaty toes!



Want one?

I do, visit for more detail and see the prices and the style in more detail.

I really like the SKYE shoes, but which one is your favourite? Do let me know in the comment below

Thank you!

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