The Barefoot Mum. The Perfect Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram (@newlabelsonly) you have probably seen some amazing pictures by The Barefoot Mum. Most of the picture which I have shared have been highly rated on my feed and always appreciated by fellow photographers.

I had to create this post to show to you how amazing and awesome The Barefoot Mum photography is. Personally, I think she is one of the best and most talented photographer when it comes to ‘Creative Wave Photography’.


Her creativity and innovative ideas in the images are just outstanding and the pictures really draw your attention towards them. The images are really serene and in a way relaxes your spirit and mind.

So who is The Barefoot Mum?

 Her name is Kelli and is from Perth, Australia. She is a mother of three and she describes herself as a ‘third generation photographer’ whose main photography passion is in ‘Creative Wave Photography’, and the second is ‘Lifestyle’ photography. That is her in the picture below.

She is an absolutely wonderful person who is helping to raise awareness and also funds to help families and children in Allepo. She has joined forces with fifty Australian small businesses who are helping to raise money for the White Helmet Organisation. They are a Syrian Civil defence unit, who work tirelessly on search & rescue missions to save children & families from the rubble.

 If you love Laced with Kindness bracelets, The Barefoot Mum has taken some beautiful images of the bracelets as part of her Creative Wave Photography.

If you love her images, you can buy them as Canvas prints online. They are, again, absolutely gorgeous. Click me to visit her shop. 

I would like to thank Kelli and The Barefoot Mum team for allow me to use her magnificent images.

Thank you!

 We live with a positive outlook on life and try to embrace every moment that comes our way, as life’s too short not to!

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