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Propercorn. Taste the Taste!

So I tried Propercorn. That’s all!

 Naah, just kidding! You need to taste the taste of propercorn. It is absolutely delicious. Don’t take just take our word, go and get some propercorn.

 A little Propercorn Background story

Started by Cassandra and Ryan in 2011, Propercorn has gone from strength to strength and are now in many major retail store in the UK including Waitrose.

My father was a hopeless cook, but made the best popcorn. Together, we’d spend hours experimenting with ingredients and seasonings, impatiently waiting for each kernel to pop, so that we could try out our latest recipe. Cassandra.

 The term “Done Properly” is at the core of the business and they believe that from designing new packaging, curating their own events or collaborating with artists, their energetic team is always looking to create, in a way that they are excited by and passionate about.


I tried the brand new Crunch Corn…

Firstly, a big shout out to the packaging. It is cute and delightful.

 In the pack we had weet & Smoky chilly, Salt & Pepper, Rock Salt and Salt & Vinegar.

 Lets go into a bit of detail…

 My favourite was the Sweet & Smoky chilli. I did not know that it absolutely gooes well with pop corn. It has a little tang to it but it is mouth watering. It chilli is not too much and even children can enjoy it.

 The Rock Salt. It is good. Simple. If you like your salt then this is the Propercorn for you. Again the salt is not over powering but just right. Did we enjoy it? Yes! Do we want more of it? Yes!

 Salt & Vinegar. This one is a dilemma to me. I am not saying I do not love it. It is just that it taste more like crisps. This flavour has been around and you would wonder what is the difference between this and a salt and vinegar crisp. I’ll let you guys decide on this one.

The mighty Salt & Pepper. It is good. Full stop. This one I also love but not as much as the sweet & smoky chilli. The pepper gives you a little kick and the salt compliments the pepper.Tasty!

I would like to give a massive thank you for allowing New Labels Only to taste The Crunch and for providing us their cute and delightful box.

To taste the taste, do visit all your major retailers or order yours at



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